The adult is parent to the child - Transactional analysis with young people

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Edited by Keith Tudor

Large format paperback, 304 pages

Published 2007

Transactional analysis (TA) is a well-established and evolving way of understanding what happens between and within people. Comprehensive and helpful, this volume:

  • shows how TA can be used with children and young people across a range of settings
  • brings a contemporary view of TA to those who specialise in its use, in ways that will be especially useful for those working with this specific population
  • explains the possibilities of TA to a wider audience, including parents, educators, health care professionals and others whose work focuses on the lives, well-being, care and treatment of children and young people

this book cover fundamental concepts - ego states (which describe personality), transactions (which offer a way of thinking about relationships), games (how people confirm relational patterns), scripts (how people create identity) - and introduces two other s that are of particular relevance to working with children; a model for systemic assessment, and a note on contracts and contracting. The adult is parent to the child then goes on to show how the child or young person cannot be understood outside of the context of their environment, provides a range of opportunities to consider the role of TA in therapeutic practice with them, and explores and explains continuing developments in various elements of TA theory.

Drawing on contributions from experienced practitioners in all fields of TA - educators, psychotherapists, and organisational consultants - this book provides the most current and comprehensive account of the state of both the art and the science of TA with children and young people. It locates TA's therapeutic, educational and organisational work with them firmly on the map of current practice. It not only offers core reading for TA courses, it also provides enrichment for all other courses that train other professionals who work with children and young people.

the adult is parent to the child is comprehensive and rewarding, its detailed introduction and 19 wide-ranging chapters are backed by:

  • full references. a wealth of diagrams
  • tables and charts
  • bibliographies
  • guidance notes
  • assessment sheets
  • documents from the UK council for Psychotherapy
  • subject and authors indexes

Everyone involved in therapeutic work with children and young people, including those who work with them in other ways before, during and after therapeutic interventions. This includes:

  • child therapists
  • other psychologists and counsellors
  • social workers
  • residential care workers
  • fostering and adoption teams
  • youth justice workers

Keith Tudor is a qualified social worker, a qualified and registered psychotherapist, group psychotherapist and facilitator. He is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst and an Honorary Fellow in the School of Health, Liverpool John Moores University.


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