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By Khadj Rouf

Large format paperback, 55 pages

Published 2017

Mousie is a teddy who is called Mousie because he is so quiet.

This book tells the story of something that happened to Mousie that frightened him. At first he kept quiet about his fear and when de did tell someone they did not believe him. One day, however, he was able to tell someone who believed and protected him.

Mousie is intended to be read to children who may also have a secret they have been afraid to tell.

The author of hopes that this story will help those children's voices to be heard. She is keen that there should be a wide range of resources available for young people aimed at helping to raise awareness about child abuse and helping them to disclose if they have suffered abuse.

Dr Khadj Rouf is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked within the NHS mental health service since she qualified in 1994. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society's Safeguarding Advisory Group, focusing on the welfare of children and young people. Khadj has written professionally regarding mental health issues, both for clinicians and the public and is co-author of Guidelines on Managing Disclosures of Non-Recent Abuse (BPS 2016)


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