Children living with domestic violence - Towards a framework for assessment and intervention

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By Martin C Calder

Large format paperback, 208 pages

Published 2004

The principal focus of the book and its assessment framework is on the children of female survivors of male domestic violence. There is some attention to casual differences and assessment applications for violence between same sex couples, Despite this focus, this book should have broad appeal - both in geographical terms, serving as a useful resource regardless of statute and procedural differences across countries, and across disciplines. It reflects the author's view that all assessments need to be multi-disciplinary in nature to stand any realistic chance of being informed and resourced, and that they also need to be evidence-based, requiring an integration of casual theories and professional skills. It establishes that we must:

  • challenge myths surrounding domestic violence
  • develop a detailed understanding of the impact on the adult and child survivors of domestic violence
  • unite to produce a system of response that does not replicate their experiences and in fact facilitates their recovery form any trauma
  • produce local procedures, practice guidance and principles of good practice to guide consistent, effective interventions, enabling survivors to make their own life choices and be free from violence
  • empower the adult survivor, protect the children and challenge the perpetrator
  • import good practice from associated fields

Martin C Calder is Team Manager of the Child Protection Unit for the City of Salford Community and Social Services

Dr Gordon T Harold is a Senior Lecturer

Emma T Howarth is a doctoral student


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