Lecturers' Inspection Copies, Teaching Resources & Learning Resources

For Inspection Copy requests in North America, please contact www.isbscatalog.com

RHP offers three types of resources for lecturers:

1. TEXTBOOKS FOR STUDENTS: available to lecturers as FREE inspection copies, where appropriate. Please see details below of our Inspection Copy Service, where terms and conditions are explained.

2. TEACHING AND TRAINING RESOURCES: to assist in the teaching and training that you provide: available on 30 DAY FREE TRIAL with right of return.

3. HIGHER LEVEL BOOKS: suitable for higher level students, researchers, lecturers and libraries: available on 30 DAY FREE TRIAL with right of return.


RHP offers an Inspection Copy Service for UK lecturers on a selected range of titles only. These are titles that have been published principally for addition to students' reading lists. These books can be supplied on trial, after which charges can be dropped if the book is added to a reading list that is used by a sufficiently large number of students.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: A maximum of 2 titles can be supplied at any one time. These will be sent out together with an invoice, and a separate e-mail of notification will also be sent. Within the 60 day trial period, please reply to the e-mail, indicating that you have added the books to the reading lists; or that you do not think the books are suitable for the reading lists and are returning them at your expense in a clean resaleable condition for full credit; or that you do not think the books are suitable for the reading lists, but wish to buy them.

If you would like us to send you up to 2 titles from the below list of textbooks for students, on the terms described above, please e-mail us at jan@russellhouse.co.uk and provide us with the following information:

Name, Position, Department, University.

And, for each title requested:

Title and author of each book; course, module, level, course start date and the number of students involved.

Please state that you have read, and accept, the Inspection Copy Service Terms, as described above.

If you have any further information that supports your request for an inspection copy, please let us know.

We may get back to you to qualify your request later. We reserve the right not to send inspection copies, without giving reason. For example, only a limited supply may be available.

Please click on a title below for further book information.

Global youth work By Momodou Sallah
Philosophy in youth and community work By Mike Seal and Simon Frost
Social pedagogy in the UK By Kieron Hatton
Social work models, methods and theories, Second edition Edited by Paul Stepney and Deirdre Ford
Crisis intervention By Neil Thompson
Social work assessment and intervention, Second edition By Steven Walker and Chris Beckett


These manuals have been published to assist your teaching and training, rather than for recommendation to students. Much of the material in these manuals is photocopiable, and for some of the manuals published in 2008 and later this photocopiable material can also be supplied electronically, after you have purchased the manual itself. Please see details of individual books, or contact help@russellhouse.co.uk.for more information. To obtain these books, please order through this website, through Amazon, or - to obtain the books without prepayment - please purchase through your university's purchasing system.

Developing leadership By Peter Gilbert and Neil Thompson
An elephant in the room By Blair McPherson
Investigative interviewing of children: achieving best evidence By Liz Davies and Debbie Townsend
Joint investigation in child protection: working together - training together By Liz Davies and Debbie Townsend
Promoting equality, valuing diversity By Neil Thompson
Supervision skills By Neil Thompson and Peter Gilbert


This selection of books are not only suitable for students - and often feature on their reading lists - but also suitable for researchers, lecturers and libraries. To obtain these books, please order through this website, Amazon, or, to obtain the books without prepayment, please purchase through your university's purchasing system. All purchases made direct from RHP are supplied on our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL If there are any other books on this website that you want to consider for students' reading, they are also available on these terms.

Assessment in child care, Second edition Edited by Martin C. Calder and Simon Hackett
The barefoot helper By Mark Hamer
Becoming ethical By Alan Jenkins
Child neglect and behavioural parent education By Benny Mcdaniel and Karola Dillenburger
The concerned other By Phil Harris
Empathy for the devil By Phil Harris
Engagement in practice By Gillian Squirrell
Evaluation in action By Gillian Squirrell
Leadership By Peter Gilbert
Not so different Edited by Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine
Reappraisals Edited by Ruth Gilchrist, Tony Jeffs, Jean Spence, Naomi Stanton, Aylssa Cowell, Joyce Walker and Tom Wylie
Social control and the use of power in social work with children and families Edited by Toyin Okitikpi
Supervision: praxis and purpose By Brian Belton, Justin Hill, Tina Salter and John Peaper
Working with Black young people Edited by Momodou Sallah and Carlton Howson
Working with street children By Andrew Williams
Youth work and faith Edited by Mark K. Smith, Naomi Stanton and Tom Wylie
Youthoria By Phil Harris