Essays in the history of youth and community work
Edited by Ruth Gilchrist, Tony Jeffs, Jean Spence, Naomi Stanton, Aylssa Cowell, Joyce Walker and Tom Wylie

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The range of material in this sixth volume of essays reflects an increasing desire amongst both academics and practitioners to chart the origins of youth work and community work. The editors hope to encourage practitioners and academics to reflect upon the earlier forms of practice and, via that process, reappraise what they are currently doing both within fieldwork and teaching.

192 pages. 978-1-905541-88-1. Published 2013. £19.95.


'Not for one, but for all': the first decades of Leeds Association of Girls' Clubs (1904-1935) Helen Jones
'Fallen Women' and 'Artful Dodgers' - historical reflections on youth deviance Naomi Stanton and Aniela Wenham
'Doing their bit': Girls' Cubs in the Great War Tony Jeffs
Scouting in a divided society: Judge William Johnson and the 78th Belfast Tom Wylie
Theories and traditions informing Finnish youth work Juha Nieminen
The Cambridgeshire Village College: origin and mutation, a perspective Robert McCloy
History illuminates the challenges of youth work professionalization Judith Metz
Reconsidering the emergence and establishment of community development in the UK: the 1950s and 1960s Keith Popple
Participatory youth work within a 1950s Scottish housing scheme Dod Forrest
In defence of the Albemarle 'settlement' for youth work Bernard Davies and Tony Taylor


Ruth Gilchrist
is Education, Training and Development Officer at UK Youth. Tony Jeffs teaches at Durham University, School of Applied Social Sciences and is a Visiting Tutor at Ruskin College, Oxford. Jean Spence teaches in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University. All three are members of the Editorial Board of the journal Youth and Policy.

Naomi Stanton is from the Open University.

Joyce A. Walker teaches at the Extension Center for Youth Development, University of Minnesota.

Tom Wylie was National Youth Agency Director, UK, 1996-2000.