Youth work and faith
Debates, delights and dilemmas
Edited by Mark K. Smith, Naomi Stanton and Tom Wylie

Not yet published. Due 2013.

Following recent decline in statutory youth work provision alongside growth in the faith-based sectors, thinking about youth work and faith is crucial, both to those working in faith-based settings and those working with them as partners or funders.

This unique book draws on the debates, delights and dilemmas of the relationship between youth work and faith. It is informed by a range of perspectives, from specific faith traditions as well as cross-cutting issues, and will enhance both practice and study.

In recent years, the balance of youth work provision has markedly shifted so that, at present, more full-time workers are employed in faith settings than secular ones. This book fills a gap in the market for a contemporary youth work text that addresses the underlying tensions within faith-based work and embraces a multi-faith approach. Its editors have worked within faith-based, voluntary and statutory youth work sectors; this balance of experience ensures that the book approaches the debates around youth work and faith in a way that is relevant to the youth work field as a whole.

The chapter authors approach the issues from academic and practitioner perspectives and cover a range of pertinent topics, including: Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth work; talking about sex and sexuality with young people of faith; youth work around death and dying; using spirituality as a youth work tool; and the issue of indoctrination in faith-based provision.

The book opens up the debate between the faith-based and wider youth work sectors, recognising the field in its current form and the issues and opportunities we face as we approach a new era in youth work policy and practice.

Paperback. About 144 pages. 9781905541867. Due April/May 2013. £14.95.