Inter-agency training
A practical handbook
By Jo Edwards and Ane Freed-Kernis

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This handbook brings together guidance and tools to assist both the self-development and the work of training professionals involved in any inter-agency context. These may include: adult safeguarding, children in need, early years, child protection, young minds, youth offending, adult mental health, adult offending and others.

Whether helping training professionals who are stepping into inter-agency work with some of its basics or supporting more experienced colleagues when they feel stuck, it aims to empower and develop resilience.

Some of the tools can also be used by supervisors and managers in their inter-agency work, or by anyone considering employing an inter-agency trainer.

Using the example of Local Safeguarding Children Boards, it will help ensure that inter-agency training happens, is of good quality and enhances inter-agency communication and cooperation. Practical in focus, with underlying theory offered where useful, the tools can be adapted for different circumstances and disciplines. Extensively tried and tested, it offers:
  • Practical tools, exercises and checklists for use at each stage of the training cycle - from planning to evaluation
  • Strategies for when you encounter obstacles
  • An opportunity to appraise, affirm and develop trainers' own skills and knowledge
  • Inspiration to try something new and different

  • Carefully focused on the specific complexities of inter-agency work that influence how training can be run and managed, it is designed for use where there are:
  • Diverse and multiple agencies, stakeholders, structures and contexts
  • A wide range of perspectives and cultures
  • An endemic presence of stereotypes and prejudices
  • Divergent professional and organisational priorities
  • Various traditions and structures of power
  • Diversity of language and understandings
  • Diversity of working traditions
  • A wide range of roles and responsibilities.

  • Much of the material has been used to work with the additional complexities of using front line practitioners as volunteers to deliver training, and of involving vulnerable service users to help bring the training to life.

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    A4 wiro. 184 pages. 9781905541720. Published 2011. £39.95


  • Inter-agency training professionals at any stage in their career
  • Managers and supervisors within organisations involved in inter-agency work
  • Any other professionals charged with the inter-agency learning of staff, volunteers, organisations and staff
  • Anyone employing, or considering employing an inter-agency trainer.



    The service users (vulnerable children, adults and their families)
    Inter-agency partnerships
    Relationships with other inter-agency partnerships
    Training sub-group
    Chair of the training sub group
    Training coordinator
    Training pool
    Host organisation
    Other inter-agency partnership sub-groups
    Member agencies
    Other inter-agency bodies
    Central Government
    The media
    Learning points
    The role of the training coordinator
    The importance of the role
    Know yourself
    Workloads and systems
    Attitudes and values
    Knowledge and skills
    Finding help for ourselves
    Learning points
    Management and planning
    Training needs analysis
    Inter-agency training strategy
    Annual plans
    Training pathways
    Learning points
    Managing training pools
    Recruitment and induction
    Managing the pool and the individuals within
    Learning points
    Delivering training
    Combined learning approaches
    Commissioning inter-agency training
    Training coordinator style
    Management issues and systems
    Writing inter-agency training programmes
    Involving service users in training
    Learning points
    Evaluation and quality control
    Learning points
    Recommended reading and helpful websites
    Application form for PDF supply


    Jo Edwards
    has been the Safeguarding Board Training Coordinator in Salford since 2001, and helped write the Training For Trainers course for the North West Inter-Agency Trainers group. She has worked previously as a nurse, midwife, health visitor, and as a member of the Salford Children and Families scheme.

    Ane Freed-Kernis has been an inter-agency training coordinator since 1995. Prior to that, she worked in the social care field as a social worker, volunteer and trainer for over 30 years. She currently works as inter-agency training coordinator for an LSCB, a social worker for a local authority and a volunteer mentor and trustee for Albert Kennedy Trust, a voluntary organisation.