Instant session plans for essential life skills: LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT
By Robin Dynes

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  • To help meet demands, perhaps at short notice, for provision of appropriate material for work on essential life skills...
  • To enable you to respond quickly and effectively, when it becomes apparent that a carefully planned programme that you are facilitating will not meet some of the needs that are emerging...

  • This resource-bank of Instant Session Plans can enable both inexperienced and experienced facilitators to make 'instant' and timely changes to programme sessions, and respond positively to specific requirements of group members for: coping with the events and situations they face daily; having their personal needs met; and achieving their ambitions.

    Instant Sessions Plans for Essential Life Skills: Learning and Development contains:
  • pointers on setting up a group, avoiding discrimination, health and safety, organising sessions, preparing for role-play, homework.
  • an introduction session to use when starting to work with a new group
  • a session to bring the group to an end
  • 4 sessions on each of these 10 different life skill topics: unlocking your potential; learning to learn; becoming self-motivated; self-coaching; emotional development; harnessing creativitiy; life management skills; understanding yourself; learning from experience; planning for your future

  • Each session can be used: on its own; as a supplement to other material; as part of a programme of several sessions tailored to meet particular needs; as part of a comprehensive course. Each session requires minimum preparation and lasts about one hour. Each contains aims, plans, homework assignments, photocopiable handouts, plus clear step-by-step instructions for the group leader, with timings, for activities that involve participants working as a group, on their own, in pairs and in sub-groups. In addition to these 40 sessions on learning and development, there are (in separately published manuals) 40 sessions on self-management, 40 sessions on health and well-being, and 40 sessions on relationships.

    For youth workers, therapists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, care staff, prison and probation staff, and teachers... This flexible and adaptable 'toolkit' resource has been tried and tested over many years of work with people in diverse groups. It can help facilitators address issues of mental ill health, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, alcohol and drug addiction, anti-social and offending behaviour, and preparing to return to work after a long absence. It can be used in work with young people at the cusp of adulthood, and with adults of all ages. Discussion and practical exercises are related to group members' everyday experiences to make the learning and development both dynamic and enjoyable.

    A4 wiro. 204 pages. 978-1-905541-41-6. Published 2009. £34.95

    Youth workers, therapists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, care staff, prison and probation staff, and teachers.



    What does this book offer?
    What are essential life skills?
    How to use this book
    The importance of homework
    Organising the sessions
    Photocopying permission for use of the handouts
    Electronic supply of the handouts
    Introduction session for essential life skills

    Unlocking your potential

    Identifying what is important
    Increasing positive energy
    Taking stock of your skills
    The freedom of boundaries
    Learning to learn
    How I learn
    Overcoming barriers to learning
    Planning to learn
    The learning power of questions
    Becoming self-motivated
    What motivates me?
    Creating a vision
    Active motivating strategies
    Watch your language!
    To be a life coach!
    Changing your attitude
    Monitoring progress and avoiding inertia
    When the going gets tough
    Emotional development
    Understanding emotions
    Using communication styles to change feelings
    Emotional health and self-development through writing
    Using emotional communication skills
    Harnessing creativity
    Releasing your creativity
    Creative thinking
    Don't live with it: improve it!
    Promoting your creativity
    Life management skills
    Rules for living
    Marketing your strengths and skills
    Learning to negotiate
    Keeping records
    Understanding yourself
    What am I like?
    What am I capable of?
    Exploring my life themes
    How I appear to other people
    Learning from experience
    Learning from life events
    A day in the life
    The power of feedback
    Tuning in to values
    Planning for your future
    What I really, really want
    Stepping stones to successful planning
    Making it happen
    Overcoming obstacles to achievement

    End session for essential life skills
    Index to the complete 4-volume set of instant session plans


    Robin Dynes
    is Social Inclusion Officer for Adult Learning in his local authority. He has managed a mental health day centre, worked in a number of psychiatric hospitals and is a trainer and qualified counsellor. He is the author of several books including Creative Games in Groupwork, Positive Interaction Skills and The Group Leader's Toolkit.