Who am I? Who are you?
Ideas and activities to explore both your and young people's assumptions, beliefs and prejudices
By Jenny Nemko

Now more than ever we need to start talking. To somehow generate deep, reflective conversation that allows young people - and everyone who works with them - to explore their values and attitudes, and to consider how they impact on themselves and on others.

In our multi-faith and multi-cultural society we often know and work with people who come from very different backgrounds, but rarely do we exchange views on what makes us tick. Why do you think like that? What are your concerns? What are your beliefs? In fact, who are you? And for that matter, who am I?

"We need to develop mutual knowledge, not just tolerance. The question is, what are you doing to find out about others? Respect comes out of knowledge. When you recognise my reality is as complex as yours, that's when you begin to know me and respect me." Hassan, a student youth worker.

"No book can give all the answers and my views may be very different from yours. Some of my ideas may even annoy or offend you. But isn't it a useful exercise to step out of our own mind-sets and see things from another person's viewpoint?" The author.

Only when we have thought about and discussed these issues ourselves, are youth workers and leaders able to encourage young people to think for themselves. Then we will all have the possibility to become life-long learners with control over our own destinies. To get you started, this book helps you to ask: Who Am I? - looking inwards at our selves - as well as Who Are You? - looking outwards at other people. It contains:
  • questionnaires for you to complete alone
  • 'Stop and Think Points' for you, your colleagues and the young people with whom you work
  • group activities for you and your colleagues to use in staff development programmes
  • group activities for you, your colleagues and young people
  • information on major secular and religious philosophies.

  • Large format paperback 128 pages. 9781903855935. 2006. £14.95.


    Jenny Nemko has for many years worked in a freelance capacity for BBC Radio Religious Broadcasting. She presents programmes and talks focussing on the common threads of spirituality found within many of the minority faith communities both in the United Kingdom and in the wider world. She also runs personal development training courses for young adults and professionals.


    "With its equilibrium of philosophy and scope for creative ideas, offers necessary breadth to produce good youth work practice, enabling young people to make informed choices and explore their own values, attitudes and spirituality." Young People Now.

    "Could be used with a faith-based group to highlight particular points, or a secular group to prompt discussion… considers spirituality within personal awareness and development and how, by understanding what we believe as individuals, we can have a greater chance of developing an understanding of other people's beliefs… the author tackles this huge subject matter in a thought-provoking, concise manner, while not shying away from vital topics and questions." Youth and Policy.