The RHP Companion to youth justice
Edited by Tim Bateman and John Pitts

"This text should assist the education of a more professional, practitioner workforce and promote a more balanced public debate about youth justice. If it does so it will have served a noble purpose." From the Foreword by Professor Rod Morgan, Chair of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales.

In recent years, youth justice has drawn in new groups of professionals and volunteers and impacted on all the agencies and organisations working with young people in trouble. While most will know something about this complex and changing field, few will feel that they know enough. This major new resource offers the most comprehensive and authoritative account available.

Large format paperback. 304 pages. 978-1-903855-49-2. Published 2004. £29.95.


Introduction Tim Bateman & John Pitts
Youth crime and the youth justice apparatus
The recent history of youth justice in England and Wales John Pitts
Youth crime in England and Wales Tim Bateman & John Pitts
Youth justice in other UK jurisdictions: Scotland and Northern Ireland Bill Whyte
The role of central government and the Youth Justice Board Rob Allen
Youth justice at local level Roy Tomlinson
The legal framework for youth justice and its administration Sue Bandalli
The principles of youth justice
Children's human rights and youth justice Geoff Monaghan
The welfare principle Sarah Curtis
Proportionality in the youth justice system Spike Cadman
The process of youth justice
The policing of young people Alan Marlow
The role of the appropriate adult Denis Jones
Reprimands and final warnings Sandy Pragnell
The role of the courts Chris Stanley
Remand management Sue Thomas
The role of family placement in the youth justice system Ann Wheal and Ena Fry
The referral order Rod Earle
Youth offending teams Ros Burnett
Court reports Tim Bateman
Risk and protection Jill Annison
Electronic monitoring Dick Whitfield
Community interventions Patricia Gray
Work with young people whose offending is persistent: intensive supervision and surveillance programmes Charlie Beaumont
Enforcement Tina Eadie and Rob Canton
The use of custody for children and young people Ann Hagell
Custody and policy Tim Bateman
Face to face work in youth justice
The young person - worker relationship Susan Bachelor and Fergus McNeil
Groupwork with young people who offend Tim Chapman
Restorative justice and youth justice Guy Masters
Family group conferencing in youth justice Peter Gill
Mentoring in youth justice David Porteous
Working with parents Carole Pickburn, Sarah Lindfield and John Coleman
Preventive work in youth justice Howard Williamson
Working with victims in youth justice Brian Williams
Working with volunteers in the youth justice system Tamara Flanaghan
Debates and controversies in Youth Justice
Girls in the youth justice system Loraine Gelsthorpe
Race, crime and youth justice Anita Kalunta-Crumpton
Beyond formalism: towards 'informal' approaches to youth crime and youth justice Barry Goldson
The criminal victimisation of children and young people John Pitts
Conclusion: what the evidence tells us John Pitts and Tim Bateman


"Very welcome… Those both within and outside the system need to see the persisting dilemmas… we need to muster our arguments with authority: this companion assists that purpose." Young People Now.

"Dares to address debates and controversies in a courageous, yet even-handed manner… A real must for anyone interested in preventing youth offending." Community Safety Journal.