Leadership with young people
By Peter Barnes

This book is aimed at all those volunteers and professionals who work with young people and need to understand the effective use of personal leadership. Whether you are a youth worker, outdoor instructor, community worker, scout leader, leading young people in some other similar context, or learning how to do so, this book will:
  • introduce you to some of the more relevant leadership theory in a way that is both readable and useful
  • give you some ideas about how to put it into practice
  • help you to recognise and support different leadership styles in others
  • encourage you to develop as a leader through experience, reflection, learning from others and learning from mistakes - yours and others'.

  • You can read the book either cover-to-cover or use it as a 'dip-in' resource, when you feel the need. It includes:
  • voices of young people to show how leadership can be received
  • contributions from specialist workers on: working with young women in the outdoors; groups with special needs or disabilities; challenging young people; working with young people from ethnic communities; leadership and spirituality
  • activities you can run to help develop leadership skills.

  • "Over 20 years my work with young people has been wonderful at times and hell at times. There have been magic moments and times when I wondered what was the point of it all. If this book can make life a little bit easier and a little bit more productive for anyone who leads young people, in whatever capacity, then its writing has been worthwhile." The author.

    Large format paperback. 128 pages. 978-1-903855-07-2. Published 2002. £14.95.


    Understanding young people
    Vision and styles
    Leadership orientation
    Motivating young people
    Problem solving and decision making
    Reviewing and feedback
    Different groups, different needs: leading young people outdoors
    Looking after yourself and others
    Measuring success
    Rules, roles and responsibility


    "A rich and comprehensive resource." Care and Health.

    "Factual, concise and easy to read, giving directions to areas or further study. The use of 'real' commentary from young people enhances the read and draws attention to individual needs in a group environment... a sound overview of the issues encountered when working with leading a group. I have, in fact, passed the book on to a young woman who I am currently mentoring, since I feel it would provide a theoretical base to support hands-on training." Newscheck.

    "There is encouragement for workers on the kinds of power they may legitimately use within the context of their practice. Alongside this is advice regarding how to identify colleagues inappropriately using power." Youth & Policy Issues.