Delivering good youth work
A working guide to surviving and thriving
By Gina Ingram and Jean Harris

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Paperback. 160 pages. 978-1-898924-25-8. Published 2001. £14.95.


"A wonderful handbook for youth workers at many levels of practice. Few stones are left unturned. It moves comfortably from illustrative case studies and selective quotations to political statement and theoretical analysis - all the time seeking to sharpen the quality of professional practice and locate it within both the contemporary political and policy context and the pressures of bureaucratic management. With some humour, the book proclaims that it is intended to avoid the 'kipper' effect to prevent youth workers from succumbing to pressures from all sides that they end up flattened with no backbone and looking both ways at once. As a result, the book explores a range of 'anti-kipper' strategies to enable individuals to remain effective youth workers. It is honest in its arguments and astute in its choice of content... Its strength will only be realised if more senior workers guide others through it, responding constructively to presenting issues during practice or supervision... certainly one of those few books that I would recommend for the shelves of all clubs and projects... Youth work may now be more firmly connected to wider political agendas in health, education and crime but those working in those sectors now need a stronger understanding of 'youth work'. If young people are to be reached and supported effectively, it is on this crossroads that this book will come into its own." YPN

"Case studies, quotes from workers, parents, young people and carers add flavour to this book, making it a valuable resource - practical, informative and handy to have around a busy desk... When there is so much paperwork, a lot of hassle and little immediate recognition in the work we do with challenging young people, any handbook which aims to ease up on the pressures of working with young people is probably worth every penny." Newscheck.