Facing the future
A guide for parents of young people who have sexually abused
By Simon Hackett

Are you a parent in need of support and help because your child has sexually abused someone? Or a professional working with young people and their families?

Clear and accessible, this book describes an approach that is motivational and empathic. Whilst recognising the painful nature for parents and families in facing the future following abuse, it offers them hope and emphasises the possibility of positive change.

Parents can use Facing the Future as a stand-alone source of practical advice and support. Alternatively, it can be read a section at a time, to address specific needs and concerns that may be raised either by parents or by those who are working to support them.

It describes key issues, offers practical information and advice, shares stories of what has happened in other families, and presents a range of therapeutic exercises that give parents an opportunity to consider their own responses to the issues being raised. Facing the Future will help parents:
  • Understand what is and what's not normal in children and young people's sexual behaviour
  • Learn about pathways into, and patterns of, sexually abusive behaviour
  • Deal with the crisis of the abuse
  • Cope with difficult feelings
  • Make positive changes to how they behave as parents and as families
  • Manage risky or worrying situations
  • Work effectively with professionals and contribute to 'treatment' work.

  • As we learn more and more about the vital contribution that parents can make in work with children and young people who have sexually abused, this book is an invaluable resource for all parents, practitioners and services working with these issues.

    Large format paperback. 160 pages. 978-1-898924-94-4. Published 2001. £18.95.


    Simon Hackett is Lecturer at the University of Durham and former Programme Director of G-MAP in Manchester. He currently practises with young people who have sexually abused and their parents at the Kaleidoscope project in the North East of England. Facing the Future is based on his ten years of experience in this specialist field and his continued, careful and critical study of our current knowledge.


    "An extremely valuable book that gives a step-by-step guide to devastated and isolated parents, gives hope in pain, strength in vulnerability, support in extreme need, and clear thinking in a time of consternation. Overall it is a very useful resource book for a wide variety of professions and vocations: psychologists, social workers, educators, church and youth leaders, and carers." Children.co.uk.

    "Full of sound advice and practical exercises that can be used to help parents guide themselves though the disturbing emotions that follow disclosure."Vista.

    "Well constructed and educational without being didactic. It provides a clear explanatory schema for the painful questions that confront carers. Exercises and practical material suggest strategies for coping with the crisis of discovery, managing difficult feelings, making positive changes and working with professionals- hopeful and practical." Community Care.