After Macpherson
Policing after the Stephen Lawrence inquiry
Edited by Barry Loveday and Alan Marlow

This bridge-building book looks at issues to be addressed for shared goals to become reality in ways that protect communities, build respect for the police and safeguard the dignity of all.

Written by senior police officers and by former officers now working as criminologists - together with their colleagues in community and social studies - looks at ethnic minorities' experience of policing and the criminal justice system: who is stopped and who is searched; developments in police/community relations; effective partnerships.

Large format. 144 pages. 978-1-898924-71-5. £15.95.


Black people and discrimination in criminal justice Anita Kalunta-Crumpton
'Dirty Babylon': reflections on the experience of racism Lana Burroughs
The concept and context of institutional racism Gurchand Singh
Must do better: the state of police race relations Barry Loveday
Policing ethnic minorities Jayne Mooney and Jock Young
Being realistic about stop and search Peter Kennison
Developing locally responsive information systems in the post-Macpherson era Robin Fletcher
Principled policing John Alderson