The RHP Companion to working with young people
Edited by Fiona Factor, Vipin Chauhan and John Pitts

If you are ever asked, 'what's the one book that will help me most understand the breadth and range of work with young people?', don't answer the question until you have read and evaluated this critically important work that brings together, in a single affordable volume, the diversity, accomplishments and challenges of your profession.

Unlike any other book yet published for the network of professionals and volunteers who work with young people, and for students who aspire to join them, this comprehensive new book:
  • brings together a broad wealth of practice experience
  • sets it in the fast-changing contexts of young people's needs and policy imperatives
  • offers clear and rigorous critical analysis, underpinned by contemporary social policy debate
  • gives practitioners from a wide variety of professional backgrounds a guide to the different models and styles of intervention and delivery that we, as a highly sought-after, but sometimes misunderstood group, are expected to engage with at a time of great expectations mixed with uncertainty
  • offers guidance to researchers and policy-makers to the breadth and variety of the work that has developed, and continues to evolve, in communities where young people spend their adolescence and early adulthood.

  • The contributors include: youth and community staff in both voluntary and statutory projects, youth justice workers, teachers, health and drug educators, community development workers, academics. They all present their work in ways that we can learn from each other. Their goals are to help you:
  • understand and illuminate the tensions and opportunities that continue to arise as the holistic values and experiences of previously voluntary relationships between young people and practitioners find their way alongside the new focus on targeted and sometimes compulsory service provision for those most in need or at risk
  • build networks and partnerships that will help young people find the help and support that can be made available when they need it
  • educate and enskill young people so that they are equipped to take on the role of active citizens in a society where increasing demands are placed on them, and opportunities presented to them, to become active participants and creators of their own destiny.

  • Large format paperback. 272 pages. 978-1-898924-52-4. Published 2001. £18.95.


    The Context of Practice

    Inclusive practice - disability
    Black young people
    Working with lesbian, gay and bisexual young people
    Working with boys and young men
    Working with girls and young women
    Youth work and regeneration
    Youth work and young people in rural areas
    School-based youth work
    Community safety: involving young people
    Reclaiming the evaluation agenda
    The Practice of Youth Work
    Group work
    Detached youth work
    Peer education
    Advice and information work with young people
    Youth exchange
    Mobile work
    Global work is good youth work
    Environmental youth work
    Investing in children: using a children's rights approach to achieve change
    Using information technology in youth work
    Work with Young People
    Unaccompanied asylum seeking young people
    New travellers helping themselves
    Youth crime, youth justice and youth work
    Young people out of school
    Unemployed young people
    Working with young women with children
    Young people sexually exploited through prostitution
    Young carers
    Youth homelessness
    Young people, drugs and youth work
    Mental health issues


    "Covers almost completely the territory which youth work now occupies... the editors have done a magnificent job... enables the reader to explore very disparate issues in a systematic way." Young People Now.

    "Packed with useful material… the 32 chapters are of a uniformly high standard." Community Care.

    'Long overdue… I was very impressed… There is something for everyone." Adoption and Fostering.

    "An excellent resource. The style is easily readable and allows the reader to 'dip' into different subject areas. Each chapter has a summary and is well researched, and the references are current and include video material and organisations which can provide additional information... the price makes this resource highly affordable and accessible." Professional Social Work.

    "Brings a wealth of practical experience and a rigorous critical approach to its examination of the needs of young people and of the different styles of intervention that have been developed to meet those needs.' Voluntary Voice.

    "A friend to policy makers and practitioners alike… Get it. Share it'. Rapport.