The write stuff
A guide to effective writing in social care and related services
By Graham Hopkins

How much time do you spend writing? Writing letters, memos, reports, court submissions, policies, procedures, publicity, devising standard letters and so on might take up to 50% of your time. Maybe even more.

For many of us, all this writing can be a difficult, confusing and anxiety-filled task. More often than not, we're left to our own devices because, like everyone else, we're just expected to know how to write. This book is probably the help you have been crying out for.

A good practice guide for writing effectively in today's social care and related services, The Write Stuff will show you how to plan, research, structure, write and edit your written work. It draws on real examples to illustrate the principles of effective writing. It also, uniquely, creates a case study report that develops along with the book's chapters, showing how a report evolves from the planning stages to final publication.

Written in a deliberately informal and chatty way, The Write Stuff shows you how to get your message across effectively and with a minimum of fuss. And does so with a smile on each page.

Large format paperback. 128 pages. 978-1-898924-41-8. Published 1998. £14.95.


Graham Hopkins works independently and was for seven years Head of Inspection in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. He is also author of the acclaimed Plain English for Social Services.


Getting started
Writing style
Word choice
Writing it
Example report


"All those who have to write at some stage in their working day would benefit from reading and applying some of the tips and techniques offered." Community Care.

"It's fun, punchy, accurate, lively, entertaining, direct, personal, witty, effective, well-designed, readable, brilliantly illustrated It considers letters, reports, memos, templates, emails and a range of other forms. It looks at all the questions people have but never ask: best layout, forms of address, tone and language, references, styles, etc. It's a joy to read.. What more can I say! It's so well written that I even found myself reading it in bed!"