Developing social skills
By Gllian Squirrell

Whatever the cause of poor social skills, they can be a starting point for difficulties with employment, housing, family, social isolation, dysfunctional relationships, harmful lifestyles and much besides.

Developing Social Skills provides guidance and resources that can be used to help people find a route to better self-image, improved self-esteem, increased social acceptability, less friction and fewer confrontations.

It will be invaluable both to experienced trainers and to staff who have had training added to their other responsibilities. Specially developed and tested for use in non-traditional learning environments, it provides a host of activities, all of which are photocopiable, fully resourced and supported with clear trainer's notes. It can be used to draw up a customised menu of activities for individuals or groups, covering:
  • developing communication skills
  • non-verbal communication
  • communities and relationships
  • understanding and managing emotions and feelings
  • managing myself
  • developing assertiveness skills
  • seeing it from others' points of view
  • relationships with partners
  • developing and maintaining partnerships
  • relationships with people in the workplace
  • dealing with authority.

  • A4 wiro. 256 pages. 978-1-898924-28-9. Published 1999. £49.95


    "Suitable for participants with a range of abilities… This manual could be used successfully with groups of people where social skills have been identified as an issue… (or) it could be used with teams of professionals who need to work together and wish to develop aspects of that working, for example to communicate better, or to resolve conflict. As a trainer myself, I found the exercises easy to follow and look forward to using some in future training programmes. This is a useful and well written manual." PSW.

    "Packed full of ready-to-use material… anybody and everybody could usefully develop their social skills using the resources contained here." Youthwork.

    "A wealth of useful excercises." NOTA News.

    If you are "searching for rapid solutions to the gap between the skilled and the unskilled, the included and the excluded, Developing Social Skills would be a good place to start… well researched, solid, relevant and useable… everything you need to run a programme of social skills apart from the tea and coffee for the breaks... an invaluable tool for any social includers in the future who want to have a set of accessible and systematic materials that can be used straight off the shelf... the Hopson and Scalley of the future... it is all there in one tome." Youth and Policy.