Developing life skills
By Gillian Squirrell

Photocopiable, fully resourced, and supported with clear trainer's notes.

A4 wiro. 336 pages. 978-1-898924-27-2. Published 1998. £49.95


"An excellent source for any who are involved in delivering life skills in any setting... the sheer amount of good material makes it a worthwhile purchase... it's good on getting people to relate their thinking to their own life, rather than just keeping it at a distance." Youthwork.

"An accessible tool that can be used in non-traditional learning environments by trainers with different levels of experience... comprises exercises that enable the life skills of the learner to be explored and help to identify learning needs... (plus) 13 life-skills modules such as developing communication skills and managing money. Each is divided into a number of sessions and contains guidelines on time needed for each session, how it links to other modules, the type of activities included, and useful notes for trainers. Each module is carefully designed and begins with exercises that raise awareness of the issues. These are carefully followed by further exercises that help the learner to develop and integrate the relevant skills into their lives. Every module finishes with a section to review the skills covered... I would recommend it as a very useful addition to any trainer's repertoire of materials." Community Care.

"Based on the conviction that adults, as well as young people, continue to learn, change and develop throughout their lives, and that life skills can be learned clearly set out and structured, it provides everything a trainer might need to construct a learning programme these manuals would appear to be an invaluable set of resources with which a case manager could construct a custom-made offending behaviour programme, following a detailed assessment of risk and needs, which could be carried out by PSOs, groupworkers, partnerships, and prison staff (or a combination of these) perhaps on a modular basis." Vista.