Creative outdoor work with young people
By Alan Smith

Use this rich resource in your own home town or on a field trip far away.

"Wonderfully imaginative, inspiring and practical." Scottish Child.

"Page after page of games, activities and words of wisdom, all designed with safety codes of practice in mind." Right Angle.

"Promotes independence, challenge and imagination as well as teamwork and co-operation." TES.

95 successfully tried and tested activities and games cover: finding the way; orienteering; camp activities; problem solving; studying the environment; canoe games; planning and safety; choosing accommodation, and more. You can easily adapt or modify the ideas and material to suit the experience of the young people involved, the resources available and the outdoor conditions. Featuring the author's acclaimed line drawings.

Large format paperback. 176 pages. 978-1-898924-25-8. Published 1994. £14.95