Assessing risk in adult males who sexually abuse children
A practitioner's guide
By Martin C. Calder with Andy Hampson and John Skinner

At its heart is a comprehensive assessment framework which explores over thirty components, broken down into definitions, relevant research findings and resources/practice guidance. The framework to interpret the information gathered covers: offender motivation to change; a model of change, risk and recidivism; eligibility for treatment; treatment components; the aims of treatment; treatment goals and planning; contact issues; recovery assessments; the prognosis for rehabilitating the offender within the family. Over 800 references provide guidance for more specific follow-up. Actual samples of over 70 questionnaires help practitioners assess which they might want to use.

A4 paperback. 320 pages.978-1-898924-23-4. Published 1999. £49.95.


Evolution and the scope of the problem
Defining the problem: the myth of shared meaning
Causation: an overview
Contextualising assessments
The management of sex offenders in the community Andy Hampson
A framework for comprehensive assessment with John Skinner
Outcome measures: separating the wood from the trees


"Exceptionally interesting and worthwhile... lucid and cohesive." Community Care.

"This excellent book can be warmly recommended for use by a variety of professionals working in different settings which can bring them into contact with sexually abused children, and the men who have abused them. It will also serve as a valuable textbook for social work, probation and child care educators. The text moves seamlessly between the review and synthesis of a growing body of academic studies in this field, and their practical application. It is learned yet easy to read, and after 160 fascinating pages the reader has the satisfying feeling that he or she has become an expert in the field. Supplementary chapters by experts, and an impressive array of instruments in the appendices mean that the fortunate person who owns this book can both initiate and evaluate programmes of assessment and treatment for this problematic group of clients." Christopher Bagley, Professor of Social Work Studies, University of Southampton.

"I am very impressed by the work that has gone into compiling this book and by the way the information is presented... this book will help." Probation Journal.