Strong mothers
A resource for mothers and carers of children who have been sexually assaulted
By Anne Peake and Marion Fletcher

"This is an opportunity for professionals to listen to the mothers to hear what their fears are, what questions they need answered and to appreciate what help and advice mothers really need" Rostrum.

"A very graphic insight into the effects of this experience. It takes us step-by-step through disclosure, the effect on the family and how we can prevent abuse. The book uses simple language with helpful checklists" Foster Care.

Written by a mother whose children have been sexually assaulted and a psychologist, this resource will help mothers whose children have been sexually assaulted to learn to live with the feeling that "nothing will be the same again." It will aid them in the realisation that they are not alone in their journey by including inserts from other mothers of sexually abused children, and give sound advice and information on what to expect in terms of support, the law and carrying the emotional burden.

Other caregivers (step parents, grandparents, relatives, foster carers and adoptive parents) will find the support and information they are seeking. Social workers, doctors, teachers, solicitors and the police will be enabled to view what they are trying to achieve from the mother's perspective.

A4 paperback. 96 pages. 978-1-898924-04-3. Published 1997. £14.95.