Anti-racist work with young people
European experiences and approaches
Edited by Anna Aluffi-Pentini and Walter Lorenz

The contributions in this book reflect the work experience of practitioners from a variety of European countries including the UK. Together they offer a challenging range of practice-based and theoretical perspectives which provides a fascinating insight into the development of effective anti-racist work with young people, transcending national boundaries.

The majority of the writers are themselves members of minority ethnic groups in their countries of residence and they have all experienced being 'on the receiving end' of racism. The editors explain the process that the author team went through, saying, "Once the terminological arguments had been temporarily suspended and we shared our personal experiences and above all our accounts of our youth work practice, communication became much easier. At that practical level we did have so much in common, we did share a very differentiated and quite compatible approach to politics, culture, socialisation and education, and we did pursue converging practice aims."

Anti-racist work with young people offers important concepts, case studies and practice methods for anyone wanting to develop their own anti-racist work with young people. It includes:
  • case study material from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy
  • comparative sections on the role of education and the social professions in the European states, the development of programmes to combat racism, and the role of language in marginalising minority groups
  • principles and practice for anti-racist work.

  • As the editors clearly state: "International co-operation in the social professions can be a vital means of staying one step ahead of racism."

    Paperback. 224 pages. 978-1-898924-01-2. Published 1996. £18.95.


    "Thought-provoking... excellent practical activities." Youthwork.

    "Interesting, practical and important." Professional Social Work.

    "This is a good book, ranging from a theoretical overview to practical possibilities in anti-racist work... 23 activities are suggested, ranging in duration from 10 minutes to a whole day. They might be used independently or as part of a planned programme. They focus to different degrees on questions of identity, 'difference' and exclusion and racism... (The authors present) broad aspirations, but they are reflected in practical case studies of anti-racist work in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. All share one central characteristic: they point to the need for young people to be facilitated in developing their own coping strategies and their own versions of identity.' Young People Now.

    "The basis for developing a wide range of strategies." Kids Club Network.