The new youth games
By Alan Dearling and Howie Armstrong

Over 200 practical activities and guidance on how to use them.

"There is only one other book to compare with it." Scripture Union.

"A compendium resource of the first order." Young People Now.

Encourages interaction between people to:
  • have fun
  • develop positive relationships
  • learn literacy and numeracy skills
  • increase creativity and imagination
  • improve communication skills
  • cope with tension and stressful situations
  • break down barriers and ease the getting-to-know new people process
  • identify problems and help find solutions
  • build trust, sensitivity and understanding
  • develop self-awareness
  • improve social skills
  • increase confidence.

  • Paperback. 232 pages. 978-1-898924-00-5. Published 1994. £13.95.