Working with Black Young People

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By Momodou Sallah and Carlton Hewson

Large format paperback, 256 pages

Published 2007

Bringing together different dimensions and perspectives on such work, this book seeks to challenge both the accepted status quo of Black you people's negative overrepresentation in most aspects of life - including education, criminal justice, housing and health - and their under-representation in empiric literature. It seeks to help find ways forward.

Offering insights into issues that confront Black young people - and presenting strategies for change - the chapters in tis book chart the shifts in British social policy - recruitment, restriction, repatriation, multiculturalism, and mainly now integration. It shows how, before meaningful work around integration and cohesion can begin, there must be greater understanding of the 'realities' Black young people face, and of the various contexts for work with them. It characterises effective work that which:

  • takes into account a range of perspectives on these 'realities' the geography, the politics, the economics, the faith, the desire, the determination, the racism and the triumphs, as well as perspectives from Black youth subculture
  • has at its core a strategy that seeks to emancipate Black young people both at a physical and mental level

Contributions from a wide range of practitioners, academics, and students all draw on personal experiences and explore a wide range of important issues. Offering opportunities to again insight into issues that confront Black young people - and consider strategies for change - the chapters in this book are sometimes about specific sections of the community, but often, and collectively, about the lives of many different people with shared experiences of oppression, immigration history and discrimination.

Practitioners and managers in social work, youth work and community work, education, youth offending, police and probation. Lecturers, students and policy makers in these areas as well as politics and sociology.

Momodou Sallah and Carlton Hewson have many years' experience in youth and community work in the UK and internationally. They have also been involved in research around Black young people. Both are senior lecturers at De Montfort University.


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