Tackling bullying and harassment in the workplace

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By Neil Thompson

A4 wiro paperback, 176 pages

Published 2009

This training manual offers materials to support the promotion of staff learning around:

  • how to prevent bullying and harassment
  • how to respond when they do occur
  • how to deal with the aftermath

It will help:

  • raise levels of awareness and understanding
  • support committed individuals and organisations to pursue the goal of a safe and harassment-free working environment
  • convince others that it is in their interest to tackle bullying and harassment, and the problems that these issues raise

the material is suitable for both managers and front-line staff. Managers should be aware of all the material in this manual, and should let in inform their day-to-day interactions with staff. Training for frontline staff allows them to talk about their experiences and to recognise when behaviour is not acceptable, and to consider and rehearse individual and collective responses to bullying and harassment. Further exercises around discrimination ensure that nothing is 'swept under the carpet' or left unsaid.

Trainers, tutors, leaders, managers and supervisors working or teaching in the helping professions.

Social work, social care, nursing and other health care professionals

Probation, community justice work, youth and community work, counselling, advice and pastoral work

Anyone in other professions when help is sought with the 'people skills' of management, leadership and supervision


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