We Can Work It Out - Revised Edition


By Frankie Hudson

A5 paperback, 144 pages

Revised Edition Published 2019

This little book draws on Frankie Hudson's experiences as a counsellor and a trainer.

Both clients an students have found that her simple drawings resonate strongly with them; they are metaphors, and provide clarifications of uncomfortable moments and situations in which we often find ourselves.

Alongside the drawings the accompanying texts offer thought provoking discussion, with ideas of how o move forward.

Frankie's book is for anyone interested in developing self-awareness, understanding interpersonal relationships and noticing the effects of ourselves and our behaviour on others.

Each drawing and related text offers insight into our relationships an our reactions to others as well as theirs to us.

This book is for anyone interested in developing self-awareness, understanding interpersonal relationships and noticing the effects of ourselves and our behaviour on others.

Frankie Hudson began her career as a modern language teacher before setting up and managing the UK's first educational unit for school-aged mothers in Bristol.

Her experience of the emotional needs of her pupils led her into sex and relationship education with young people, counselling and counselling training.

She has a private practice as a counsellor and counselling supervisor.

Stick drawings may be 'sniffed at' by some in care and therapeutic professions but they are one of the oldest forms of art
Frankie's stick drawings and her accompanying simple narratives make for a helpful tool for those people who simply want to understand themselves, their relationships and the challenges they present to us.
I was a student of Frankie's some 17 years ago when she taught me as a novice counsellor. I lived for Tuesdays as I spent the whole day with her and I was in awe of her capacity to hold a whole group spell bound as she simplified counselling and its origins. My admiration for her grew as the weeks rattled by and she introduced us thoughtfully and with some passion, to the complex origins of the field of 'therapies' and the evolution of major schools of thought such as Psychoanalysis, the Humanistic School, Behaviouralist and Cognitive based therapies, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis. She had the ability to simply bring it all alive.
She does it again here, but at ground level. It is an amusing, unthreatening book which gives us moments of recognition and understanding.
Ex-student, University counsellor

Sometimes when relationships feel a little overwhelming or confusing, simplicity is a powerful tool. Frankie achieves this wonderfully with this book. Her life in a sketch and jargon-free approach are thought-provoking, engaging and insightful.

I enjoyed reading it and thought it was very clear and accessible, so there is the possibility of a large audience.

This important book from a highly experienced counsellor is designed to empower all of us to work positively within our relationships when challenges arise in our lives, and to find straightforward management strategies and solutions.
Utilising a developmental approach, each concise single page text describes a different 'problem', and offers readers some explanations and tasks. The accompanying simple sketches are most helpful, enabling readers to visualise situations and solutions. This jargon-free, straightforward little book is a most useful resource for all who are concerned with working to achieve good relationship health.
Senior lecturer, Children's Nursing (retired)

Almost every chapter seems to hit the nail on the head, with practical and relevant solutions.
Music teacher

I've had several readings and many dips as is suggested. It's great, the drawings illustrating so simply some of the issues, feelings, and ideas for progress. I've been able to see and identify with many
of the points along the way, and will find the book helpful in dealing with these. I shall keep it handy for regular reminders. I can imagine it appealing to a wide range of readers because of the drawings, and how they complement the explanations, advice and suggestions.
Cabinet maker - New Zealand

I can see that I shall be dipping in and out of this lovely book for many years to come. Life's issues are tackled in a meaningful but fun way that make you pause for thought. A little gem.
Administrator (retired)

I have flicked through my copy and like the way that Frankie has so succinctly and clearly summarised various human situations. I shall enjoy reading it.

I have enjoyed dipping into this book and finding a combination of metaphor, pictures, explanations and questions, many of which produce, "oh yes of course" moments.
I warm to the way it is written for us all, whether we want to help or be helped. It is conversational and not didactic, using metaphor which is ever present in our lives and language. Baggage, ladders, pits, trees, see-saws conjure up images and situations which are familiar to us all, and can awaken in us new and more creative ways of looking at ourselves and our feelings.
Counsellor (retired)


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