Managing child welfare and protection services


By Paul Harrison

Large format paperback, 128 pages

Published 2009

For managers who wish to reflect upon strategic issues, supervisors who must implement strategic and policy directives, policy makers who need to understand the impact of their decisions on the service provider as well as the service user... it also provides a useful reference for those undertaking and delivering post-graduate education and training.

It places child welfare and protection work in the context of the political climate, societal norms anf professional values within which it is performed. It focuses on the evolving issues of globalisation, family structure, the re-balancing of the relationship with families, and the rights of children. It:

  • addresses the management aspects of determining need in an environment that the conflicting demands
  • distinguishes between welfare and protection issues, the former often being misinterpreted as the latter by referees and service providers alike
  • encourages managers to think outside the box to look for creative and innovative solutions
  • promotes the concept of managing for results by using management information to design programmes that work best
  • explores the theme of partnership in its broadest sense, from working with individuals to engaging communities in an effort to maximise effective outcomes
  • make a case for children to be protected from State care, and protected while in substitute care
  • depicts staff welfare as a management issue and presents ways to protect staff from the ill effects of working in such a pressurised and stressful environment

Delivering services in the context of reforms and expectations requires structural changes as well as changes in the roles and responsibilities of individuals. This book explores the managers' role in leading staff to rise to these challenges.

Child welfare managers, supervisors, policy makers, students and practitioners undertaking post-graduate education and training in child welfare and protection.

Paul Harrison has over thirty years' experience of working in children's services. He holds qualifications in both social work and management and is a member of the Health Management Institute of Ireland. He has held a number of practitioner and management positions within statutory social services in such areas as child protection and welfare, alternative care, family support, homelessness, mental health and addiction. He has also served on the board of management of a variety of voluntary organisations. He is currently working for Ireland's Health Service Executive as a National Specialist for Children's Services, with particular responsibility for child protection.


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