C is for confidence - A guide to running confidence building courses for whomen of all ages

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By Mary Blair and Lesley Wilson

A4 wiro paperback, 72 pages

Published 2002

This is not a course manual, it is a manual for constructing a course. For an experienced tutor, moving into an new domain area, or looking for other peoples' ideas in an area they already facilitate, the guide will be useful. For someone new to creating a course, as opposed to using an existing course manual, it will be invaluable. The book is written with an understanding of the need for comfort, for humour, for feedback and familiar things that help the participants to begin to relax and feel comfortable in a potentially stressful environment. This, whilst providing the necessary material as the tools for the job in hand.

"It's a great resource, good ideas and easy to follow. It really makes running a confidence building course easy and I couldn't have done it without" Anne Klvlin

" An imaginative and easy-to-follow workbook for everyone involved in facilitating group work sessions, a stimulating and thought-provoking handbook" Newscheck

"An excellent resource, highly affordable and accessible" Professional Social Work


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